[scrotal and damp traditional Chinese medical science is adj cure] how does _ scrotal _ treat –

[scrotal and damp traditional Chinese medical science is adj cure] how does _ scrotal _ treat –

Article introduction

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is the medical treatment course of Chinese tradition, method of a lot of treatment in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is treated through card of differentiate of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, card of differentiate of scrotal and damp traditional Chinese medical science treats the remedial method that a lot of traditional Chinese medical sciences can choose. Will look on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, because people is in what often eat hot food to bring about in daily life,scrotal moisture is. How do the medical point of view that unship differs two kinds from cure of Chinese and Western is being explained to old furniture body below treat scrotal moisture.

Scrotal and damp traditional Chinese medical science is adj cure

One, how does scrotal moisture do

Scrotal moisture is not clammy certainly, because this is like,do not have other unwell, the cleanness with local attention is dry can. Notice delicate food at ordinary times, eat food of raw or cold food less, eat food of acrimony fish raw meat or fish less. Do not cross the tide of general scrotumForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Wet likelihood and prostate disease have particular concern, suggest you or the inspection that make prostate actively determine specific patient’s condition, notice to be treated to disease.

1, Western medicine cure

Scrotal eczema is a kind of common scrotal skin disease, common says ” big-leaf hydrangea wind ” , ” kidney bursa wind ” . It happens symmetrically, chang Bo reachs whole scrotum, affected part is strange urticant, face Cheng abiding, have a relapse instead, effect a radical cure not easily. This disease has urgent unripe, chronic cent, acute period is equivalent to ” erosion ” , chronic period be equivalent to ” dry model ” . This disease sees Yu Xia season more.

Scrotum is1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Man be ashamed at ringent place, however, the skin here is an eventful place however, the following disease suffers from often make scrotum happening Sao urticant:

Erythema, papula appears on skin of scrotal eczema scrotum, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Bleb, debaucjed, oozy, scabby wait for a variety of diagnostic, him patient feels glowing itch with Sao. Because be scratched forcibly,often catch, hot bath is very hot and occurrence acute strut or debaucjed. This disease course of disease is longer, break out repeatedly and make skin thickening, coarse, pigment ad cool-headed.

Tinea scrotum skin appears cricoid erythema, there is bit on, have acuteness urticant feeling. The patient suffers from sufficient tinea at the same time more (common weighs athlete’s foot) or tinea manuum, often be opposite in scrotum on the ham skin of side, hip also has same symptom.

Solid finalizes the design place of some of cutaneous of drug rash scrotum appears repeatedly erythema of circle oedema sex, the edge is clear, have glowing feeling and accompany Sao urticant move, after often taking drug by accident, count appear inside the hour, a week after stopping drug is controlled gradually subsidise, stay sometimes have dark violet splash, if be taken by accident again,congener medicine can have a relapse instead.

What soybean volume appears on scabies scrotum skin is nodal, before this finger is seamed inside, next artifice, waist, abdomen happen first come loose to reach bleb in papule, be in more nightly occurrence drama is urticant.

Scrotal heurodermatitis this disease and affectionForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Closely related mood, when the mood is fluctuant, scrotal place is acuteness Sao is urticant, occurrence papula of the skin after catching, slowly couplet becomes, the skin is added thick, harden.

Scrotum of riboflavin lack sex is phlogistic all the year round flour of edible essence rice, essence, for many times rub washs rice, feed green vegetables mincing bubble is washed or long-term diarrhoea, constipation, inappetence, carry feed, partiality for a particular kind of food is waited a moment, can cause riboflavin shortage. Its main show is: Scrotum is small in the begining red shine, seam two side to produce damask spot in scrotum later piece, above adhesion scale bits, can appear before long the compressed papula of many soybean volume, have the urticant feeling of different level, often incorporate occurrence quarrel phlogistic, glossitis. The riboflavin that should take a week only piece, the symptom can improve apparently, changing dietary habit or stomach1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
After alvine function is normal, the illness also can alleviate quickly, but can have a relapse again when nutrient condition is poor.

A few kinds of afore-mentioned scrotal common skin disease, the patient often cannot be distinguished, remedial method also each are not identical, must ask diplomate to diagnose so, treat to disease according to specific illness.

Scrotal and damp traditional Chinese medical science is adj cure

2, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is divided model

Scrotal eczema traditional Chinese medical science divides commonly for false or true two kinds: Solid person much because of chip in of damp and hot. Because usually be addicted to feeds acrimony fertilizer pleasant, or scrotal moisture, sweat fluid infiltrates, briefs chafes and send. Scrotum sees papule, pimple, abscess, scratch erosion appears after defeating oozy, scabby wait for change, scrotal skin red bare, bright is painful, chronic diseases marked by deficiency of vital energy and lowering of body resistance is much by acute period transform and come, scrotal skin is added thick, coarse be like grass, color is nigrescent, sao is urticant bear hard. Hot to the remedial appropriate Qing Dynasty of a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood benefit is wet,

Prescription is referenced:

1, external use medicine

Shu Gao combines arteries and veins of essence of life1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
Connect: Morning and evening is used 2 times, subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy connects easy Gao combination to cream first when using go up in scrotum, gentleness is massaged 5- – 10 minutes, combine Shu Gao curb bacterium nutriment to wipe again next go up in scrotum, dry can.

2, to be taken orally just

(1) adds flavor 2 clever medicinal powder: Gentleman art 10 grams, huang Bai 10 grams, jingjie 10 grams, the root of fangfeng 10 grams, cicada garment 10 grams, daily potion, water simmer in water, cent is taken 2 times, this is him classics proved recipe, the scrotal eczema effect that applies to chip in of damp and hot is distinct.

(2) joins mixture painstakingly: Suffering joins 15 grams, huang Bai 15 grams, anguine bed child 10 grams, honeysuckle 10 grams, daily potion, water simmer in water, cent is taken 2 times. Apply to the scrotal eczema of chip in of damp and hot.

Scrotal and damp traditional Chinese medical science is adj cure

3, external use just

(Wet apply of water-cooling of 1)10% Huang Gong, or with sesame oil white of the black that move blueness is become mushy, number affected part, daily 1- – 2. Apply to the scrotal eczema of chip in of damp and hot.

(2) almond 20 grams, dandelion 60 grams, mother chrysanthemum 15 grams, the Shi Fu after decoct Shang Dai is cold, daily 2- – 3. Apply to water of grow of chip in of damp and hot, debaucjed more scrotal eczema.

(3) Qing Dai comes loose: With thick simmer in water of lustre lacquer water, go broken bits is taken cream, transfer into Qing Dai comes loose, smooth hind outside put on the skin, daily 2,

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