[what cough gives green is phlegmy] – of inducement of _ origin _

[what cough gives green is phlegmy] – of inducement of _ origin _

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Cough coughs phlegmy fluid of green still should go to a hospital patting a X mating plate, such ability can pass an examination intuitionisticly to see as a result whether is oneself bosom interior to have happen any unusual reaction, if be to have,be about to begin to treat, the patient’s condition that just can allow oneself so won’t worsen again, this is to be able to happen in the people that often smokes commonly, should want when treat so as early as possible smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline.

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Line of 1. bosom X piece bronchiectasis shows lobar grain increase, add thick, arrange disorder, see curl shape shade among them, intercurrent infection appears small fluid is smooth. Examination of bronchitic X line is added without grain of unusual or only lung deep. Bosom X line piece it is pneumonic important examination method, conduce to pneumonic diagnosis. 2. Expression of model of bosom CT bronchiectasis is ” orbit is asked for ” or ” ring is asked for ” or ” the grape is asked for ” .

Because cough has a platoon phlegmy the main effect that with clean air, phlegmy to having a large number of platoons cough does not relieve a cough commonly, it is more important to undertake the pathogeny is treated, if apply antibiosisLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Element controls infection, the liquid inside drainage lung, or application fights histamine medicaments to control allergic reaction to wait.

What cough gives green is phlegmy

(One) pathogeny cure

The person that smoking is caused should smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline. Irritability rhinitis is excitant drivel drainage at pharynx the cough of hind be caused by can be used fight histamine medicaments or shrink blood-vessel medications, be like 4mg of chloric benzene Na Min, daily 3 profess to convinced. The person that bronchus lung is affected, should use antibiotic treatment. Bronchus asthma be caused by person, should use bronchiectasis agent and sugar coriaceous hormone cure.

What cough gives green is phlegmy

(2) the town coughs cure

If dry cough is afflictive, can use antitussiveShanghai night net

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Content. Below certain circumstance, although the patient is put in expectoration, but because coughShanghai noble baby

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When affecting Morpheus, yi Ke uses antitussive content to control cough. Does the medicaments that treats cough have two kinds of: ? Does Qiang of ┪ of collect ignoranting sew pull samarium surname  ?

1, antitussive: Can restrain cough, use at having phlegmy or phlegmy fluid less person. If codeine, gush holds propane of Pai of Wei Lin, right beautiful Sha Fen, benzene in the palm.

2, exciting alleviative: ?

3, steam is inspiratory: If use atomizer, what can reduce larynx to compatibly is exciting and relieve a cough, the moisture in steam but attenuant secretion, those who make is easy and expectorate.

4, : of medicine of make expectoration easy?

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