Majiate is magical change blast aid express one’s thanks to of hero of goal of the harbor on Lu Nengfu enemy advocate handsome

Majiate is magical change blast aid express one’s thanks to of hero of goal of the harbor on Lu Nengfu enemy advocate handsome

The player gets hurt one after another or jerky, harbor must be forced again and again on substitution, right now, an a person of extraordinary powers of hero Wei world that kills Lu Neng absolutely did not have an opportunity to come on stage, lu Neng also did not weigh the destiny that skip is killed absolutely, final, prevenient below the case that loses one ball, lu Neng 2 than 1 beat the harbor on Shanghai.

This is the battle of a nick: In the match Saturday, guangzhou rich force 4 than 2 beat Guangzhou constant big, the seat that constant gets bellwether greatly is be between the beetle and the block, right now, want the harbor on Shanghai to beat Shandong Lu Neng only, harbor will is like on wish to ascend a top, last time, install is constant defeated by a country greatly, harbor should win only on below inferior peaceful can exceed instead, the harbor on the result loses a ball, this, harbor can not grasp an opportunity again on.

This is a vengeance battle likewise, in match of on both sides half Cheng, lu Neng has an opportunity gain上海夜网论坛

a victory for a time, but be killed finally absolutely by Wei Shihao, this, lu Neng should sign up for the enemy that kills absolutely, more important is, if lose a ball again, mean Lu Neng to will encounter double kill, inferior coronal contention also will be immersed in predicament, lu Neng cannot tolerate this absolutely.

Final, lu Neng was accomplished, they 2 beat the harbor on Shanghai than 1 changeover.

3 hind the waist is attacked to insanity

This field match, majiate’s arrangement has specific aim extremely: The line of defence after the door will be mixed keeps stable, but be in in, majiate made a bigger change, he was used 3 hind of the waist blast model, among them the Liu Jun commander in chief with tall figure takes up the post of the defending among model hind waist, use adversary of keep within limits of its antagonism capacity, the waist after controlling two is more agile Jin Jingdao and Wang Tong, hao Jun Min appears in the position of the waist before sheet, admire Lai and partner of a place of strategic importance takes up the post of double forward on the west, daerdeli have holidays by turns, the reason is waist of the training before contest gets hurt.

Majiate’s intent is extremely clear, use namely 3 hind the waist comes the aggression of the harbor on keep within limits, next wai新上海贵族宝贝论坛

t for one’s chance strikes back, nevertheless, going up of harbor to strike back still is to take the lead in breach Lu Neng’s gate, harbor is being taken on 1 ended first half than the score advantage of 0, right now, pressure is 上海贵族宝贝

centered in Lu Neng this at the same time.

Be in in when resting, majiate on one hand incentive team member, hope team can finish changeover in the second half, because this is a game that Lu Neng must want get victory, on the other hand, he also is in blast model undertook adjustment with personnel respect, majiate changed Liu Jun commander in chief with Wu Xinghan, right now, team blast model undertook adjustment again, change is 442, field configuration is in: Lumbar Hao Jun Min is mixed after Wang Tong, jin Jingdao and Wu Xinghan live apart the left and right sides, forward still is admire Lai is mixed fill in on the west.

Change next Liu Jun commander in chief, because he has yellow shop sign to be in,be on one hand personally, on the other hand nature is to reinforce attack. The coach tells me, the rate that should use me reinforces the attack of frontier way. Wu Xin爱上海同城对对碰

ghan tells a reporter.

In the match final phase, majiate remains the same successional substitution, he is to used Zhou Haibin to trade Li Song profit first, right now Wang Tong arrived again right back position, zhou Haibin and partner of Hao Jun Min double hind waist, subsequently Cao Cheng comes on the stage, he was replaced hit into the key to break even the Jin Jingdao of the ball, the spark that Majiate wants to use him seeks final biff. After the last substitution of Majiate, lu Neng is hit into by Wu Xinghan reduce a goal absolutely.

Be killed absolutely from a match, to this one is killed absolutely, from first half guard and lag behind, to the second half strike back absolutely, this match hits the harbor on Lu Nenghe so that swing gas ileum, this match, lu Neng big field also swarmed into many 40 thousand fan, rabid fan also gave Lu Neng huge power. In the match last hour, go up harbor around field

Be out of line completely, the 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

commonnest camera lens is hind 5 players, before 5 players, go up right now harbor is organized at all do not rise to be attacked effectively, and go up 3 substitution of harbor, the first is quota of people of active wasteful substitution (morning of U23 player Zhanghua is changed 16 minutes by Yu Hai) , the 2nd mixes the 3rd is passive substitution, lin Chuangyi and Shi Ke get hurt to be changed early or late.

In a sense, lu Neng has 3 complete substitution quota of people, and on harbor all the time since waste quota of people of a substitution actively, a match does not look to give advantages and disadvantages probably, but a sports season comes down advantages and disadvantages is clear and visible, this match, harbor falls in backward circumstance on cannot adjust aggression player, namely apparent paradigmatic. See the difference that is like the harbor on Lu Nenghe to have actual strength, lu Neng triumph has bit of accidental taste, but accidental in also have its inevitability.

Admire Lai, gold respects path and Wu Xinghan

In this field match, what decide victory or defeat truly is admire Lai, on tactical level, the fulcrum effect of admire Lai is very apparent, go up especially of harbor hind no matter field is height or antagonism ability Dou Hepei Lai has apparent difference, right now, lu Neng’s aggression very naturally spreads out around admire Lai, lai of more the long admire that pass a ball can be taken easily

Arrive and pass teammate, it is the most crucial that this says to Lu Nenglai, contrary, the aggression of harbor lacks change on, rely on grand morely to overcome this one to nod.

Two goals of Lu Neng, jin Jingdao’s goal is the loiter after admire Lai head ferry, wu Xinghan’s goal, the head that is admire Lai attacks the door to be hit on crossbeam, after rebounding Wu Xinghan shoot, fill subsequently shoot notch. Admire Lai did not score a goal, value everybody of Dan Peilai looks in the eye.



Gold of two native land players respects Lu Neng to also get attention fully with Wu Xinghan, they are Lu Neng is beaten go up the direct hero of harbor. Accepting when interviewing, wu Xinghan expresses: Very glad to can help team win the victory of this match, the match to us character sense is very great, we also win through this, looked for more confidence. In the meantime, wu Xinghan also expresses: The goal cannot think of a little really, very glad that oneself can be hit into so crucial goal, this scores a goal, also give the child that I just am born.

Accepting when interviewing, jin Jingdao expresses: We made first half 3 hind waist, team still is given priority to with defending, I am a among them hind waist, sensory first half my play is bad, the likelihood plays the game morely in frontier way before this, the second half, we undertook adjustment, the coach is incentive also at the same time we, our everybody is clear, the victory is how important to us, the team below is in all the time win a ball, catch up with came, after we won, contend for a coronal to also can become interesting, the play that feels the second half is a lot of better, very glad that oneself can score a goal.

Jin Jingdao says frankly: Its come really rash can before, I more advanced field, in Lu Neng, 3 elder brother, Po elder brother their ability is first-rate, I begin to play defended position morely, after Majiate came, he lets me morely participate in aggression, the match is kicked more, the feeling of the match and confidence came back, thank Majiate’s coach very much. Gold of admire Lai successional secondary attack respects path and Wu Xinghan, majiate also did not forget to praise Hao Jun Min: Performance of the line of defence after us is very excellent, what we win is crucial the field in depending on, condition of Hao Jun Min is first-rate, expression is first-rate also, we can win a ball, contribution of Hao Jun Min is very large. (reporter Chen Yong reports)

Responsibility edits: Su Shiying

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