Fujian takes an examination of outline to publish physics to add 11 newly to do a test surely in this year

Fujian takes an examination of outline to publish physics to add 11 newly to do a test surely in this year

Yesterday of office of education of dispatch Fujian Province published the net austral Fujian on Feburary 13 exam outline was taken an examination of in the Fujian Province 2014, this will be this year the Fujian Province sets the important basis that proposition takes an examination of in area city organization each. According to outline, it is easy that each subject is studied in this year problem, intermediate problem and a bit the scale of difficult problem is 8 ∶ 1 ∶ 1, namely each course percent of pass should be amounted to 80% . With compared last year, propositional principle and exam limits are taken an examination of to keep basically stable in this year, with different last year is, physics上海贵族宝贝

division adds 11 newly to do a test surely.

Chinese: Recital table of contents is changeless

Exam content: Recital field requirement is changeless, still ask to recite ” Chinese course standard ” commendatory outstanding Shi Wen 50 (7~9 grade) ; The check of classical Chinese article, weigh the inattentivegeneral idea of reasonable Jie Wenzhang, not the knowledge of the respect such as check accidence, grammar; The check of the ability that browse, be in again check ” Chinese course standard ” commendatory outside reading booklist.

If the composition coils neat, book keeps the face carefully and nearly, add 1~4 cent, handwriting is illegible, identify hard buckle 1~4 cent; Leakage writes a title to buckle 3 minutes; Every 3 wrongly written or mispronounced characters buckle 1 minute, return not plan; The word counts inadequacy, every 50 words buckle 1 minute.

Exam form: Shut a written examination, examination paper full marks 150 minutes, written examination time is 120 minutes.

Examination paper structure: Problem of fill a vacancy, brief answering question occupies 50%~55% , the composition occupies 45%~50% . Content respect, accumulate with apply occupy 15% the left and right sides, read occupy 40% the left and right sides, the language is conveyed (colloquial intercourse, writing) occupy 45% the left and right sides.

Maths: Put an end to the computation of hard to tackle that makes up artificially to inscribe

Exam content: Ministry of Education issues ” full-time obligation teachs mathematical courses standard (7~9 grade) ” in: Number and algebra, space and graph, statistic and probability, task learns the content of 4 parts.

Exam form: Shut a written examination, full marks 150 minutes, examination time 120 minutes.

Examination paper structure: Problem of fill a vacancy is occupied 25% , choice title is occupied 12.5% , solution answering question is occupied 62.5% . Choosing a topic is 4 choose one model sheet choosing; Solution answering question includes computational problem, proof problem, exercise, constructive problem to wait. Should design issue of the open sex that combines actual circumstances, exploration sex, put an end to the hard to tackle that makes up artificia阿爱上海同城

lly to computation is inscribed and prove a problem.

English: Side reexamination上海千花网

hears of read write

Exam content: Side serious check listens, say, read, the capability that keeps skill and knowledge of sound of 上海贵族宝贝交流区

quick movement term, vocabulary knowledge and syntactic knowledge.

Exam form: Shut an exam. Audition test and written exami新上海贵族宝贝论坛

nation time are gross 120 minutes, listen to force test not to exceed 30 minutes among them. Oral can be arranged before audition test and written examination or later undertake alone. Do not have oral requirement because of of short duration and do not have the city establishing a division of oral, the title that should add colloquial application in pen examination questions ” colloquial application ” , indirect check student ” say ” ability.

Examination paper structure: Always divide 150 minutes, hear force part 30 minutes among them, written examination part 120 minutes. Advocate objective problem scale is 4 ∶ about 6. Oral is alone and propositional, independent organization checks.

Physics: Add 11 newly to do a test surely

Exam content: Add 11 students newly to do a test surely: Measure length with scale feet, measure time with the watch; Measure power with bedspring dynamometer; Measure the quality of the object with balance; Measure temperature with common thermometer; Measure electric current with ammeter; Measure voltage with volmeter; The series circuit with simple join and parallel circuits; Measure the speed that the object moves; Measure the sliding friction power that horizontal mobile place gets; Measure solid and liquid thickness; Measure the electric power of small bulb.

Exam form: Shut a written examination (examination time 90 minutes, roll the face always divides 100 minutes) operate check with the experiment.

Examination paper structure: Set 30~35 path little problem, main problem include 4 choose the individual choice of one to dug of problem of problem, fill a 上海千花社区

vacancy, constructive problem, brief answering question, experiment is inscribed and be calculated the problem. Value of choice title cent is occupied about 35% , value of cent of blame choice title is occupied about 65% . Content cent is worth scale to be: Mechanical occupy about 38% , acoustics occupy about with optics 12% , heat is occupied about 14% , electromagnetism is occupied about 36% .

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