Fujian court pays close attention to children staying behind to build guilty precaution and correctional mechanism

Fujian court pays close attention to children staying behind to build guilty precaution and correctional mechanism

Xinhua net Fuzhou on June 1 report today is 61 Children’s Festivals. Senior people court holds the Fujian Province yesterday press conference, teenager of court of introductory Fujian Province tries concerned case of the job, release adjudgement of teenager of 11 Fujian court and minor rights and interests to protect typical case.

The reporter notices, these typical case involve force of crime of children staying behind, campus crime, kidnap and sell children crime to wait, have minor crime c上海夜网

ase already, also have the case of rights and interests of enroach on minor.

Duan Saiming of committee member of full-time of committee of member of leading Party group of Fujian tall courtyard, adjudgement introduces, various court is increasing Fujian to punish to what rights and interests of enroach on minor commits a crime strength, to this kind crime carries high-pressured state from beginning to end. 2015, knot of careful of complete province court is raped young female, act indec上海千花网论坛

ently towards children, be kidnapped and sell children, bribe the criminal case such as children, abandon children 265 326 people, be sentenced among them the 64 people of set term of imprisonment of 5 years of above.

Current, complete province has 5 intermediate courts the teenager that court of 42 basic level establishs independent organizational system tries integrated law court, court of 8 basic level establishs the teenager criminal of ind爱上海龙凤419桑拿

ependent organizational system to try law court, court of 14 basic level establishs collegiate bench of teenager criminal case. Since 2013, the Fujian Province shares 3 co上海千花社区

urts (court) name post of power of countrywide teenage dimension.

According to introducing, crime of children staying behind also is the model that minor commits a crime. Fujian court puts forward, prevent children staying behind to violate crime, the guilty precaution that ought to build quaternity of build up front courtyard, school, society, judicatory reachs correctional mechanism. Among them, judicatory precaution should perfect law of children staying behind to serve a mechanism. For example上海贵族宝贝论坛

, pay attention to outspread side to teach, adopt the pay a 上海千花网

return visit after sentencing side teaching, jointly with the parent and community correctional orgnaization makes executive side teach measure, harmonious solution definitely again a variety of means such as obtain employment of go to school, reform of adolescent of stimulative lose one’s footing, blend in a society. Complete province court nods link up with to assist community of the house that help a village up surely 55, through initiating small love funds the activity such as mom of love of commonweal activity, organization and two pairs of form of children staying behind, advance key adolescent to group service manages and prevent guilty job to fall to real point.

Next, complete province court makes put forth effort teenager adjudgement and the powerful powerful combination that housekeeping tries. (Liu Feng)

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