The Fujian Province builds catenary of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two industries to advance contemporary fishery transition to upgrade

The Fujian Province builds catenary of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two industries to advance contemporary fishery transition to upgrade

Total output of complete province aquatic product 7.68 million tons, piscatorial economy total production value 273.4 billion yuan, house whole nation the 3rd;

Aquatic product average per capita has an amount 198 kilogram, house whole nation the 2nd;

Aquatic product exit is achieved collect 5.9 billion dollar, occupy countrywide first place 5 years continuously;

Net income of piscatorial average per capita seventeen thousand eight hundred yuan, average level of prep above whole nation;

Percent of pass of sampling observation of safety of aquatic product quality maintains 10 years continuously in 97% above.

Effectively of number of this group of sets reflected me to save the result that obtains in piscatorial industry respect.

In recent years, the Fujian Province develops brand fishery, zoology fishery, wisdom fishery energetically, build aquatic product catenary of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two industries, push reform of sex of structure of piscatorial supply side, 3 industries confluence develops stimulative fishery just a little. Basis ” construc阿拉爱上海同城

tion of catenary of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two industries carries out Fujian aquatic product plan ” , strive to realize stability of aquatic product total output to be in 7.7 million tons to 2020; Total production value of benefit of the complete already that save fishing year all grow 5% , pi阿拉爱上海同城

scatorial economy total production value achieves 333 billion yuan; The crop of 10 great variety such as Zuo of large yellow croaker, grouper, eel, prawn, ostracean, abalone, laver, kelp, holothurian, river occupies aquiculture total output 65% above, production value of chain of entire industry of 10 characteristic breed exceeds one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight respectively; Net income of piscatorial average per capita exceeds 24 thousand yuan.

In the course that builds in catenary of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two industries, will devote oneself to to advance brand fishery construction, wisdom fishery construction, zoology fishery construction, drive aquatic product to machine industrial transition to upgrade,

Executive fishery brand develops the strategy, it is to push reform of sex of structure of side of contemporary fishery supply, accelerate fishery to turn the important way of fashion shift structure. Province ocean and piscatorial hall will increase strength, accelerate piscatorial brand breed, the job such as conduct propaganda. It is to strengthen piscatorial area communal brand is bred, take an active part in national level fishery communal brand is chosen, encourage supportive each district to develop aquatic product 10 old brands curiosa of 10 big fishery 10 seas produce food of name of series of 10 big seafood the distinctive fishery brand such as the 10 seas product that the name tastes me to love to eat most chooses an activity. Encourage guide aquatic product enterprise to begin piscatorial brand to found, enlarge the dimensions of product of famous brand of Chinese well-known logo, geographical mark b爱上海龙凤419桑拿

rand, province, famous label. 3 it is to hold channel (Fuzhou) piscatorial Zhou Zhongguo (Fuzhou) international fishery exposition and Asia-Pacific aquiculture are exhibited, concentration reveals me to save product of fishery of main and high grade brand, begin brand conduct propaganda to recommend wait for multinomial activity, push aquatic product further market of effective butt joint. Guide enterprise of brand aq上海同城对对碰交友社区

uatic product to be walked out of, attend rich of fishing of American Boston, Belgian Brussels, Qingdao to be able to wait for major to exhibit meeting. 4 it is to increase piscatorial brand to publicize strength, shopping centre of the main a section of a highway in platform of TV, website, motor-car, elevator, small letter and freeway, city begins conduct propaganda, the society that raises piscatorial brand is famous degree.

Advancing wisdom fishery to build an aspect, my province accelerates the deepness confluence that drives fishery and IT, make full use of facilities of computation of content couplet net, cloud, big data, intelligence, stimulative fishery from extensive model, resource is used up model, amount allow to essence of life model, resource is managing model, quality direction change. Breed intelligence of a batch of fishery to spend applied principal part, implementation breed aquatics produces intelligence to turn management, make a batch of scale big, start tall, benefit is good, but contemporary fishery industrialization, intelligence changes retroactive breed with treatment base. Guide aquiculture company application and intensive of promotion aquatic product to change system of intelligent breed aquatics, parameter of environment of implementation water quality is online collect, intelligent group net, wireless transmit, long-range control adds oxygen equipment and date from of aquatic product quality, epidemic disease to prevent the intelligence that accuse to turn management.

Developing zoology fishery is common people the main component of beautiful strategy of rich, zoology, it is fishery turns the inevitable requirement of fashion shift structure. Next, province ocean and piscatorial hall will edit promulgate ” 2018 2030 year besmear of beach of water area of city, county breeds a program ” . Develop resource energetically the modes of life and relation to their environment that efficient, quality can control friendly, intensive breeds managing, environment mode. Advance standardization of pond of tradition breed aquatics to transform continuously, development is enclosed circular water works is changed breed, environmental protection of big thrust wide application completely plastic breed aquatics pot of the deep water outside pot and bay breeds, the balsa type such as enlarge sea belt, laver, oyster breeds and condition of inland flood look unfamiliar breeds dimensions, promotion is sowed by shellfish breed, assimilate substance of the eutrophication in digestive water, improve water annulus condition, compose builds the ecological balance of water area.

Industry of aquatic product treatment is piscatorial just a little the key of 3 industries confluence, upgrade to industrial transition have important sense. Although I save aquatic product to machine front row of the dimensions of course of study and horizontal house whole nation, but also put in the industry is big and not strong, technology to promote urgently, problem of the demote below economic benefits. As we have learned, leave one stage, I am saved will around deepen 2 produce train of thought, the key develops profound treatment, to 2020, strive to realize aquatic product treatment to lead 60% above. Cultivate bibcock industry, through project, capital, science and technology, finance, wait for respect policy with the ground with the sea give aid to, breed a batch to be in of completely state-owned consequence get army enterprise. Establish industrial garden, breed south Fujian, Fujian medium, Fujian east lion of city of Qing Dynasty of He Dongshan of area of assemble of industry of treatment of 3 old aquatic product, blessing, broadleaf plant, Lian Jiang, horsetail, stone, Jin Jiang, Fu Ding, long happy, instruct how to上海贵族宝贝

wait 10.

Sea of Fujian Province hill is resourceful, piscatorial production history is long, have the advantageous requirement that expands recreational fishery. Up to now, my province founds fishing village of a region of rivers and lakes in all 150, covered manufacturing experience, recreational go angling, travel to go vacationing, view and admire the function such as exploration of recreation, culture and popular science education, among them demonstrative base of recreational fishery of 18 whole nations that be by assess. Next, I save the way that ceaseless innovation recreational fishery develops and way, exploration bibcock enterprise + cooperation + industrial pattern of the fisherman, dig nature of island fishing village and culture travel resource, develop home of maritime travel sightseeing, Yu Jiale, fishing to lie fallow the recreational fishery such as civilian constell爱上海同城

ation, drive just a little 3 industries are shirt-sleeve, will recreational fishery is done do greatly strong. Cultivate garden of industry of goldfish of Fuzhou of project of Fuzhou goldfish high-quality goods, construction, cultivate goldfish characteristic industry energetically, lead goldfish industry from pure breed aquatics Xiang Jimiao is planted breed, breed, feed treatment, sale, research and development manages change for the industrialization of an organic whole. Island of island of Wu of construction dragon sea, eye of blessing Qing Dynasty, east the 10 seas such as bay of great good fortune of deep Shanghai of river of hill bay horn, advance, smooth pool angle base.

Responsibility edits: Jiang Xiaobin

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