New Year congratulations is in Xi Jinping the Fujian Province causes enthusiastic echo in broad cadre masses

New Year congratulations is in Xi Jinping the Fujian Province causes enthusiastic echo in broad cadre masses

New Year’s Eve, chairman Xi Jinping is published 2019 New Year congratulations, broad cadre is saved in me enthusiastic echo is caused in masses. Everybody expresses, listen respectfully the New Year congratulations of Xi Jinping’s secretary-general, the mood is very excited, times feeling hearten, a new year, want the energy with seize every minute, gritty perseverance, make arduous efforts on respective post, create more outstanding achievement, for new Fujian construction makes new larger contribution.

Touch very much, the secretary-general is in our express little elder brother was mentioned in New Year爱上海同城手机版

congratulations 2019! The express little elder brother of Zhangzhou urban district bilks brave Qing Dynasty to say, new year’s day during the Spring Festival, express volume rises all the time, one the world will run the leg is softly, but secretary-general an everybody worked hard to let us feel very warm.

The Cai Fuchang’s master of company of taxi of Zhangzhou friend strong and pervasive fragrance comes from Na Jing county, already from course of study 15 years. He says: Did not think of the secretary-general still is thinking us, remember with concern we, those who warm feel warm in the heart, particularly glad. Cai Fuchang says, profit from reforming and opening, pass oneself effort, him native place already was built had new building, the secretary-general says we are the people that pursue a dream, my present dream is, the son can take an examination of a good university in the future.

Xia Ning of diagnostic reagent of epidemic of Xiamen university nation and director of research center of vaccinal project technology Professor Shao expresses, review th上海夜网论坛

e secretary-general greets to Scientists and Technologists in New Year congratulations, to us each Scientists and Technologists are huge is invigorated. In going one year, vaccine of cancer of homebred palace neck already declared the generation that our group develops appear on the marke上海夜网

t, vaccine of cancer of neck of the 2nd acting palace started clinical trial, and the field of vaccine of cancer of neck of the 3rd acting palace that leads a gender obtained crucial technology breakthrough. A new year, I hope our group can continue not to lose faith, overtake new contribution is made in the journey of world advanced level in domain of science and technology of medicine of our country biology.

In congratulations of secretary-general New Year, hear us to be stationed in a village the first secretary also is being remembered with concern, we 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

feel very excited with hearten. Longyan city industrial and commercial bureau is stationed in iron of long lowing county to grow rural area Yang Shu of the first secretary says Zhang De village, 2017, the village realized Zhang De to take off deficient. 2018, the village travels through developing industry of a book on Chinese medicine and rural area, the village is collective year income achieves many yuan 20. Next, we will continue to guide the villager to cheer dry, around the Hakkas a book on Chinese medicine small town is built, fulfil project construction, implementation villager and collective development have new breakthrough again.

Fair iron of smooth pool channel is amphibious Liu Hong of builder of big bridge project is amounted to 上海千花网论坛

say, the meaning of New Year congratulations of secretary-general 上海千花社区

of be used to accumulate deep, connotation is rich, invigorating us to use the heart at the beginning of action explanation. I participate in smooth pool channel fair iron is amphibious the construction of big bridge already had 4 years. The ding of New Year has been knocked noisy, my general with hardheaded the struggling attitude that go ahead, continue to devote into at our country first fair iron is amphibious in the construction that crosses Hai Daqiao, choose the great career of this unprecedented go ahead.

The secretary-general is remembering with concern from beginning to end our difficulty masses, when in this New Year comes, warm in the heart warm, confidence is full. Poverty door Ma Xiaoyan says village of head of of countryside of mouth of Tang of the county austral screen, 2015, oneself are labelled side of link up with helps poverty door up. Through 3 years of much energy accurate side is helped up, family life has improve apparently. Look into 2019, ma Xiaoyan says, situation of hope man body keeps stable, rasorial aquaculture develops steadily, the son is striven for marry a son’s wife at an early date.

May 2018, lan Quchai of villager of the village in bamboo of town of loose hill of collect source county becomes level of the 5th batch of states to be not project of involuntary discharge of urine representative inheritance person. Since 13 years old, he follows father learns to do the She nationality to take, division of 16 annual expenditure, had done to nowadays 30 old. 2019, I hope to more person pays close attention to understanding the She nationality to take, let the She nationality take culture to blend in daily life, let be not in a popular style of involuntary discharge of urine. A new year, my general continues to do work of good give help and set an example, carry forward traditional culture. Lan Quchai says.

(reporter of Fujian daily reporter)

Original title: Seize every minute makes arduous efforts — enthusiastic and resonant responsibility causes to edit in reviewing congratulations of close smooth New Year saves broad cadre masses in me: Zheng Lili

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