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[how is ormosia congee boiled]

Article introduction

Ormosia congee also is a kind of congee that people loves to eat very much, this is if tasting because of ormosia congee, meet exceedingly sweet be bored with of a few, can give a person better mouthfeel, but the ormosia congee that a lot of people do did not imagine medium so delicious, this basically is in because of ormosia congee namely before doing when still need to put ormosia what period of time immerses inside water first, such word effect can become betterer, flavour also is met more remarkable.

How is ormosia congee boiled

Material: Ormosia 100 grams, rice water is right amount, right amount;


1, ormosia is abluent, with bleb a hour;

2, clean out clean rice;

3, boiler is abluent, put ormosia, add right amount water, with ladle agitate;

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum Shanghai Long Feng forum4, electrify of electric rice cooker, by cook key, wait for ormosia boil, with ladle agitate, lid upper cover continues, after 20 minutes, enter rice, continue infusion;

5, see rice and ormosia flexible sodden rate, agitate, ormosia goes up, rice is thoroughlied cook, install a bowl.

The method that make

Method one

Shanghai noble baby Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a netMake feed capable person

Advocate makings: Bare red bean 20 grams, paddy rice 100 overcome

Complementary makings: New Year cake 50 overcome

Condiment: Salt 3 overcome

How is ormosia congee boiled

The flow that make

1. ormosia is abluent, put into boiler, boil together into right amount water again, juice of soup of the teem after boil, enter again 3 time[……]

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