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[egg of microwave oven evaporate uses what internal heat]

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More and more families had been put in microwave oven this one electric home appliances<gj, microwave oven is to use electromagnetic wave principle, make meal becomes quickly ripe and heat, so microwave oven offerred huge to the daily life of people convenient. In the process of evaporate egg, besides the means that uses traditional water steam egg, actually microwave oven also can be used come evaporate egg. And in the process that using egg of microwave oven evaporate, what fire ability should use to let evaporate egg become quite is bright slippery?

Egg of microwave oven evaporate uses what internal heat

Egg of microwave oven evaporate wants a few minutesBell?

1, general microwave oven 3-4 of evaporate egg a thick soup or so minutes with respect to Ok, the proposal does not want whole journey Gao Huozheng, can try conflagration evaporate 2 minutes, 80 degrees of medium baking temperature turn later again evaporate 1 minute. Evaporate when remember cap not quite the lid is too tight, the gallinaceous cake that such evaporate come out is more delicious.

2, the scale of ordinary water and egg is 1: 3 the left and right sides, the word of an egg puts the water of fluid of 3 times egg, general a big bowl installs half bowls of water enough.

3, be likeShanghai noble baby communicates an area Forum of Shanghai noble babyIt is if really if using cake of egg of evaporate of a small small plate, the proposal joins replete dish, so appropriate, water is added too less egg cake scarcely will be tender slip, and return meeting L[……]

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[how is orange syrup done]

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Orange syrup thing gives priority to a of body delicate cate with the orange, its mouthfeel acerbity acid is sweet, get person reception exceedingly, get especially the welcome of old person and dot. If people likes to eat sweetmeats, can try to make orange syrup in the home so, its way is exceedingly simple, the time of expenditure is not much also, dispute often suits the sweetmeats that people makes in him home. So orange1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend 1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiChild how is syrup done?

How is orange syrup done

Practice one

Feed: of material detailed list? Persimmon of  of ⑺ of Sha of  of country fairdyke blame the Guo before handsome ⒈  ?

Cooking step

1, the orange decorticates, cent valve, rip the orange sth resembling a net outside clean as far as possible (this one pace is the most laborious) probably.

2, turn on the water in boiler burn, orange valve scald, fish out reserves.

3, install one boiler water afresh again, big baked wheaten cake leaves, put rock candy to boil to melt.

4, put the orange piece that has fried water, boil 5 minutes, involve fire, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forumPut cool.

5, in loading sealed container1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai, put the cold storage in freezer can.

How is orange syrup done

Practice 2

Raw material: The orange is right amount, rock candy right amount


1, preparation feeds capable person. Orange rock candy is right amount, right amount. (The capacity of rock candy is put along[……]

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[blackberry is mulberry]

Article introduction

Do not know whether everybody has eaten blackberry in the life, blackberry tastes flavour and strawberry are exceedingly similar, but it will be a few sweeter, a few people weigh blackberry to serve as mulberry, actually this is two kinds of different fruits, mulberry tastes mouthfeel is sweeter, and the grain of mulberry is less, grow in region of our country big country commonly, and blackberry is to belong to bush plant, so is blackberry mulberry?

Is blackberry mulberry

Blackberry is rose division, blackberry is belonged to (bush) , basically originate in the north temperate zone of new old mainland formerly, north America the eastpart part and Pacific Ocean are coastal abound particularly, in do not list bump archipelago and Western Europe to be common produce plant of Lin Helu hedge. Normally biennial, the bine is erect bring, half erect or scramble, aculeate, also some cultivating kind without thorn. The leaf is 3 or palm shape compound leaf, flocculus is wide, elliptic, have a power, the leaf is cracked along thick tine, most leaf constellation puts live through the winter. Inflorescence is very unripe, grey color, pink or gules. It is aggregate fruit if really, black or magenta acinus are written be born on juicily thalamus.

MulberryForum of Shanghai night net Shanghai night netIt is the maturity of mulberryFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forumFructification, mulberry calls Sang Guo, mulberry bubble again.

Mulberry is spent to get together if really, assemble by mos[……]

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[safflower is OK bubble wine]

Article introduction

Safflower is OK bubble wine, also can be used as medicine, very rare Chinese traditional medicine can evolve after the treatment that wants a course for some time only material, when people occurrence injuries from falls when can go up in local apply safflower, this is to be able to treat these problems, a few problems that after producing even female friends, produce can use safflower to recuperate, avoid female friends to appear any postpartum and harmful response, let restore the effect to become better.

Safflower is OK bubble wine

Shanghai night net A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

The flower of safflower is used as medicine, stimulate the menstrual flow, invigorate the circulation of blood, advocate treat woman disease.

Sexual flavour: Laborious, lukewarm.

① ” a book on Chinese medicine opening treasure ” : Laborious, lukewarm, avirulent.

② ” soup fluid a book on Chinese medicine ” : Laborious and Gan Wen is bitter.

Return classics: Enter classics of heart, liver.

① ” property of a medicine of Thunder God n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine solves ” : Enter heart, liver 2 classics.

② ” classics of a book on Chinese medicine solves ” : Enter classics of liver of sufficient faint shade, classics of lung of hand the moon.

③ ” a book on Chinese medicine is again new ” : Enter liver, kidney 2 classics.

Function advocate treat: Stimulate the menstrual flow of invigorate the circulation of blood, go Yu is acetanilide. Treat amenorrhoea, disease a lump in the abdomen, difficu[……]

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[how is duck bowel fried

Article introduction

When eating duck bowel, everybody likes most propbably very much eat barbecue duck bowel, perhaps use duck bowel hemp of very hot chaffy dish is hot very hot, and duck bowel is on daily tableA pulls love1000 beautiful community of Shanghai 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friendShanghai is the same as a city Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 saunaoccurrence frequency is inferior. Because duck bowel is cleaned,rise very troublesome, and some fishy smell are contained in duck bowel bigger, did not go well the word of raw meat or fish, put easily in a bigger fleshy fishy smell. If want to make duck bowel cooked food of the daily life of a family, how should fry duck bowel?

How is duck bowel fried

Bowel of the fragile duck that fry delicacy

1, the fresh duck bowel that had cut open is right amount, join right amount flour, mix flour all hind the rub that keeps with the hand is kneaded, again duck bowel the rub of a root is kneaded.

2, self-invited bath clean flour is used after all rub is kneaded, change water a few times more, the flour that should get on duck bowel is washed. After flour is washed, accuse to do major moisture, the salt with right amount rejoin, the rub that use a hand is kneaded, duck bowel uses salt after all rub is kneaded, rinse clean salt portion with tap water, duck bowel is caught with the hand, did not stick slippery feeling to be washed clean.

3, duck bowel tile of a root is on chopping board, duck1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touchShrink of alvine be heated is fierce, want behead to become longer paragraph hind reserve[……]

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